Sharp Corp. Drill Site Unit No. 1 Pearland, Texas

SKA Consulting, L.P. was retained by a confidential residential developer to perform site investigation activities, including preparation of a Site Investigation and Data Screening Evaluation Report, for a 2.50-acre undeveloped tract of land.  The site had been entered into Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) with the ultimate goal of obtaining a Certificate of Completion for residential land use with no restrictions.  Records indicated that this tract of land had been undeveloped since at least 1944, but land surrounding the tract had been recently developed as single-family residential properties and a golf course.

Previous investigation activities performed by others revealed that an oil and gas well had operated on the tract, and the well had been properly plugged and abandoned.  SKA evaluated environmental investigation reports prepared by other firms regarding whether adverse contaminants were present in soil and groundwater on the tract.  The previous reports and additional on-site investigation activities performed by SKA confirmed soil impacts on the tract consistent with former oil and/or gas exploration and/or production activities.  Specifically, barium was found in the surface soil at concentrations in excess of the respective Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) TRRP Tier I Residential Soil Protective Concentration Level (PCL).

Based on report reviews and extensive on-site sampling and analysis of the soil and groundwater, SKA recommended corrective actions to remediate the site to include excavation, removal, and off-site disposal of contaminated surface soils and backfilling to grade with imported fill material.  SKA performed the corrective actions and prepared a Response Action Completion Report (RACR) documenting performance of the corrective actions and the findings and conclusions.  SKA submitted the RACR to the RRC with a request for a Certificate of Completion for residential land use with no restrictions for the site.

A final Certificate of Completion for residential land use with no restrictions was granted by the RRC as requested.  Previous investigations had been performed by other environmental companies for this site without achieving final closure.  SKA, within a six-month timeframe, completed an intensive data review, site investigation and evaluation, and corrective action implementation resulting in final regulatory-approved closure for this site.