Barney Davis Power Plant

SKA Consulting, L.P. was retained to perform site investigations and groundwater monitoring at a pipeline release site in an effort to achieve regulatory closure (“No Further Action”) from the RRC.

The subject property is a portion of an underground pipeline right-of-way (ROW) on the Barney M. Davis Power Plant (Plant) located nearCorpus Christi,Texas.  The Client, which operates the underground pipeline in the ROW, discovered a leak while performing a routine leak detection survey. Based on its proximity to Laguna Madre, the Texas General Land Office (GLO), the United States Coast Guard (USCG), and the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) were all initially involved with the site investigations.  An estimated two barrels of condensate were released on the Plant property.  Several subsurface investigations were conducted including a soil response action (i.e., soil excavation and off-site disposal).  Soil and groundwater samples from both on-site and off-site locations were collected and analyzed in the testing laboratory for petroleum hydrocarbon constituents of concern (COCs).

Based on the initial findings, several permanent groundwater monitoring wells were installed to sample and monitor the shallow groundwater beneath the site.  After several groundwater monitoring events, no petroleum hydrocarbon COCs within the shallow groundwater have been reported beneath the subject property above the RRC MCLs for Class 1 and Class 2 Groundwater Delineation and Remediation Limits.  Therefore, no further groundwater investigations are warranted for the subject property.

Based on the activities performed by SKA, all appropriate response actions have been achieved for the site.  Therefore, no further sampling or testing is warranted.  As a result, SKA has requested the RRC issue a No Further Action (“NFA”) letter providing regulatory closure of the site.  Site Closure is currently pending.