KBR Greens Bayou Fabrication Yard

SKA was retained by a potential property buyer to conduct an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of an approximately 119-acre Kellogg Brown and Root Greens Bayou Fabrication Yard located adjacently north of the Houston Ship Channel in Harris County, Texas. The KBR Greens Bayou Fabrication Yard was active as a ship fabrication yard, offshore petroleum platform fabrication yard, and oilfield equipment staging and stevedoring yard since the 1940s.

As part of the site assessment, SKA conducted a Phase I ESA and a Limited Phase II ESA. The Phase I ESA included a review of historical topographic maps, historical aerial photographs, regulatory database listings, and previous environmental reports, letters, and documents. Additionally, the property was visually inspected for obvious or potential sources of environmental contamination. The Phase I ESA identified 13 recognized environmental concerns (RECs) in association with the KBR Greens Bayou Fabrication Yard which included leaking underground storage tanks (USTs), a former well site, historical and current aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and USTs, and improper disposal of spent blasting material.

SKA conducted a Limited Phase II Site Assessment as a result of the Phase I ESA. Soil and groundwater sampling and testing was performed in areas of identified RECs. Based on the results of SKA’s Phase I ESA and Limited Phase II ESA, the Client was able to make an informed decision to proceed with the acquisition of this property. The facility has subsequently become the largest project cargo facility in the United States.